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  • Mecom fountain
  • We like to eat after we ride.
  • Enlarge the picture to see the billboard behind us. We might be their target demographic.
  • Sometimes you just can't resist a comfortable couch.
  • If you come to a fork in the road, take it. Or at least take a picture of it.
  • Dan is always color coordinated.
  • Tire dip on the Lake Houston ride.
  • The group cooling off on the pier at Lake Houston before the ride back to town.
  • July 4 ride. (click on the photo to see it right side up)
  • Watermelon at the end of Houston Sans Car on a hot summer day. Sam really knows how to handle that knife.
  • Fountain Ride.
  • Looking over the bayou on the East Heritage Trail.
  • After Ike.
  • I'm not sure I'd want to be the mailman on that route.
  • "How did we get up here, and how do we get down?"
  • Dan Lyons at Dan and Lyons. With Faiza, on one of our Urban Challenge Rides.
  • Snoopy on patrol.
  • On the way to the bayou. A true example of multimodal transportation.
  • Newman's Castle
  • Houston Bicycle Club 2015 Club Picnic at Newman's Castle
  • Couch Potatoes. A brief rest stop on Urban Challenge Ride. Hey, who's got the remote?
  • Going down a canyon in Equador. We got in the back of a truck for the ride back up the canyon.
  • Cycling in Equador
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